Cam Newton Showed Out And It Definitely Wasn’t A Laughing Matter

So apparently Panthers quarterback, Cam Newton, finds it funny when a “female talk about routes.” He made this revelation to Jourdan Rodrigue, a sports journalist for the Charlotte Observer who covers the Panthers and the woman who asked Cam the question during a press conference yesterday.

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Cam makes it really hard for people to root for him

Well, since were on the subject of whats funny, let’s address a few things that we find amusing as well. 

For instance, we think its hilarious when African American NFL rookies get dragged by NFL fans simply for being a black quarterback. Then after the African American community steps up to defend him he turns around and says things like I dont want this to be about race, because its not. Its not. Like, were beyond that. As a nation. 

You know what else is entertaining? A quarterback who leads his team to a 15-1 season then disappears in the Super Bowl. And what is even more side splitting is when that same QB stomps out of that Super Bowl press conference like a five-year-old who was just denied an animal cracker.

But even then the culture defended him, calling out the bias in the media for the double standard in the way he was treated and the manner in which he was referenced. Even when he went on to deflect questions of race with generic responses or took illegal shots to the head, the culture was right there for him, defending his right to his opinion and his right to stay healthy when the refs obviously looked the other way in regards to the latter.

We laugh when he attempts to exude a sense of style. Yes, a grown man who wears tight, high water plaid pants, bow ties, straw hats and seersucker jackets creates quite a feast for the eyes as its hard to take a man like that seriously when he puts forth the appearance of a carnival barker trying to convince someone to step right up and try their luck at a game of chance.

But we still ride with him.

Yet despite the support, he still goes out and disrespects and doesn’t appear to understand that he was wrong and, at the very least, owes Rodrigue a face-to-face apology. 

Jourdan Rodrigue on Twitter

I don’t think it’s “funny” to be a female and talk about routes. I think it’s my job.

Even the team and other organizations recognize that.

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Here is the statement from the Panthers regarding Cam Newton’s comments. (via @RapSheet)

The comments are just plain wrong and disrespectful to the exceptional female reporters and all journalists who cover our league, said NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy to Pro Football Talk. They do not reflect the thinking of the league.

The Panthers have addressed the situation with the Jourdan, Cam and the media, as Panthers spokesman Steven Drummond said through a statement: I have spoken with Jourdan and Cam and I know they had a conversation where he expressed regret for using those words. We strive as a department to make the environment for media comfortable for everyone covering the team.

Yet as of this morning, Cam has not issued an apology. And at this point, would anyone even believe him? Cam obviously doesn’t get it and that’s his loss.

So on behalf of the racism denying, misogynistic Cam Newton, apologies are due to Jourdan Rodrigue, Jen Welter, Hannah Storm, Pam Oliver and every other woman who covers sports. Just remember, the man who made this asinine comment is nothing more than a bitter punchline in search of a ring.

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