Bumaye! The Hip Hop Battle Cry for 2021

This to the hustlers. 

(Bumaye! Bumaye!)

This for the grinders. 

(Bumaye! Bumaye! )

My all time survivors. 

(Bumaye! Bumaye! )

Yeah, whatever you do, go kill em!

– PS the ReBels

As 2020 comes to a welcomed close, artists are still providing the soundtrack for a life forged in fortitude; No Delta.

PS The ReBels celebrate the ‘hustlers and grinders” on their new driving, percussion-driven Bumaye.

The song and its stunning visual video salute survivors of oppression and celebrates people who hustle and grind to level up.

 It’s the ultimate battle cry for 2021 coming on the heels of a year full of challenges for all of us. What is presented is an anthem by two brothers from Kenya, who landed in Texas as children seeking political asylum eventually becoming U.S. Citizens.

 When they say it, you believe it.

The song has three languages referenced. English, Kiswahili and Lingala. It’s based on the phrase made famous during the Ali vs. Foreman fight back in ’74 at “Rumble in the Jungle” in then Zaire. “Ali bumaye!” which is part of a war chant of survival. Bumaye means “kill ’em” in the language of Lingala, an indigenous language spoken in the Congo. We also being both Congolese (aka Zairian) and Kenyan, we wanted to include the two languages.

 PS the ReBels

With lyrical references to 1974’s global phenomenon Rumble In the Jungle”, the legendary boxing match-up between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman, PS the ReBels honor the Congo, their father’s native land.

“Bumaye is Lingala (a Congolese dialect) for “kill em.” A direct translation of Buma means Kill and Ye can translate to whatever the pronoun/subject is (IE: him, she, that, it).

 Appropriately, the single release fell on the eve of a contemporary boxing battle between legends Mike Tyson and Roy Jones, Jr.

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