Bronny’s ESPN Rank Now At 35, Coach Sees “Backup NBA Point Guard” Potential In Him | Is It Daddy Hype Or First Flight?

Things seem to be coming together for the James family (as if they already didn’t lead envious and glamorous lives). Every level, from the patriarch down, starting with LeBron James, of course, is seeing huge payouts and improvements in their careers. But for Bronny in particular, he is finally morphing into the player many basketball scouts predicted he’d become. 

LeBron James recently signed a lucrative contract extension with the Lakers that will see him play in the City Of Angels throughout the 2024-2025 season. The youngest son of the James family, Bryce James, also recently received his first D-1 basketball offer from Duquesne, and he’s only a freshman in high school, which is a sign of more great things to come from him.

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But at last Bronny James, who is next up in the James family, is seeing his stock rise in his draft class.

ESPN now has Bronny ranked as 35th in the nation for the 2023 draft class. He moved up five spots after being ranked at 40. He recently received a formal offer from Memphis, and now the offers for him should begin flooding in. LeBron has stated that Bronny wants to take the NCAA college route to the NBA amidst all of the speculation as to where he would continue his basketball career post-high school. 

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Bronny has been putting up highlights across the board in his recent hoops circuit performances and has definitely helped his draft stock rise. His defense-savvy game mixed in with his clear understanding of the game and superior playmaking ability already had him touted as a top 50 prospect for a while now. But with his recent offensive outputs in these games showcasing his shooting, handle, and athleticism, scouts now recognize him as an all-around player.  

According to one major coach has Bronny highly rated, and even sees his potential as an NBA point guard.

“I think Bronny has some NBA potential as a backup point guard. I would like to see him settle into college and continue to grow more comfortable finding his own offense, but he’s a good, smart player.”

The clear growth of Bronny James is evinced by his play on the court, and scouts and official ranking polls can see this as well. Going to college will only allow Bronny to continue growing and developing his skills, and by the time he’s ready to declare for the NBA, teams might be looking at him as a solid starting point guard.

The tutelage of LeBron can’t be understated, because we’ve seen plenty of clips of LeBron and his sons working out and getting reps in with professional trainers. LeBron has his sons working hard, and he even rewarded them by posing on a Sports Illustrated magazine photo paying homage to LeBron’s “Chosen One” high school legacy, simultaneously touting his boys as the “Chosen Sons”. 

LeBron’s dedication to his boys’ basketball careers are spilling over to both sons now. While LeBron already stated he wants to play at least one year with Bronny, he is now trying to include Bryce in the scenario as well. LeBron will do everything he can to stay fit until Bryce joins them. 

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Bronny, who has the support of everyone behind him, is finally seeing his hard work pay off. His rise in the recruiting ranks is only the latest example of his game improving, and this will only help him fight his way into a top pick in the draft. Once that domino falls, the James Gang legacy begins. 

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