Breonna Taylor’s Jury Transcripts May Reveal AG Never Asked For Homicide Consideration

According to ABC News, a Kentucky judge has ordered that the recording of the grand jury hearing be released to the public because of the way that state’s Attorney General Daniel Cameron presented it to the masses was not truthful. One point of contention that might emerge is that the AG never asked them to consider homicide charges against the officers involved in the Breonna Taylor killing.

One of the jurors, who remains anonymous, is asking that the public is allowed to view the transcripts and hear the audio from their three-day hearing. And in an unprecedented move, the juror wants the judge to give all the jurors the opportunity to speak about the evidence that they heard and how they reached their decision — given the information that they were given.

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In a motion filed Monday, September 28 the juror’s attorney Kevin Glogower stated the following:

“There is a compelling public interest for these proceedings to be released of a magnitude the city and the Commonwealth have never seen before that could not be confined, weaving its way across the country … The citizens of this Commonwealth have demonstrated their lack of faith in the process and proceedings in this matter and the justice system itself. Using the grand jurors as a shield to deflect accountability and responsibility for these decisions only sows more seeds of doubt in the process while leaving a cold chill down the spines of future grand jurors.”

The grand juror’s attorney said during a press conference on Tuesday, September 29, “My client is ‘aggrieved,’ to use that term, that what was presented is not being publicly disclosed.”

“I think they (the grand jurors) were aware … there were certain questions that were left unanswered,” He continued. “It’s the accountability and the sense of public trust to make sure that everything that can get out there does and there was some concern that maybe it wasn’t.”

“I think the dangerous precedent to set more of a chilling effect of not letting the public in on what’s happening and trying to distort that level of secrecy to the extent that you’re, at least by appearance, not putting all of the truth out there,” Glogower shared.

“The whole point of getting all this out there is to see what the next steps are, the next questions, and those are the concerns that our client had too,” Glogower said. “If that involves how do we impanel grand juries, if it involves how do we seek and obtain and execute search warrants and things of that nature, these are the questions we hope get answered.”

The family of Breonna Taylor’s counsel released the following statement.

“Daniel Cameron clearly failed to present a comprehensive case that supported justice for Breonna … That conclusion is supported by the grand juror who came forward to say that the attorney general misrepresented the grand jury’s deliberations. We fully support the call to release the entire proceeding transcript as the only way to know what evidence was presented and how the grand jury instructions led to this outcome.”

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Cameron has agreed to release the recordings.

Breonna Taylor was killed during a police-involved shooting on March 13, 2020. She was sleeping in her home and allegedly awakened by the officers entering her home. She died after being struck by six bullets. They were looking for a man that she no longer dated and drugs that she did not have. It was discovered that the three officers were given the wrong information, which does not excuse their incompetent behavior.

None of the three have been charged with her murder, based on the evidence presented to the grand jury, but one was charged for endangering the life of Breonna’s white neighbors who lived next door to her. The bullets went through the walls and entered their domicile.