Breonna Taylor’s Family Wants a Different Prosecutor for Daughter’s Murder Case

The attorney’s for Breonna Taylor’s family wants a different prosecutor to lead any case (criminal or civil) regarding her murder after Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron intentionally dropped the ball.

Their request comes a week after two anonymous members of the case’s grand jury noted that they were never presented with the possibility to charge the officers for murder — despite the AG pledging to seek justice, taking almost half a year to do anything to find her murderer and claiming to have provided them with all the information that they needed to come to their decision.

That decision that they came to was to convict Detective Brett Hankison with wanton endangerment for shooting into a nearby apartment. However, no one was charged with her murder. Supporters took to Twitter to express their disappointment.

One of the jurors took advantage of the decision made by a Kentucky judge to speak publicly about the grand jury proceedings and said in a statement that during the proceeding they were detoured from considering the homicide charges.

The juror also noted that they were never told about the self-defense laws crucial to the case.
The 26-year-old Breonna Taylor was killed on March 13 in her Louisville home in a police-involved shooting.

“At this point, if Daniel Cameron wanted to actually see justice take place, he would voluntarily recuse himself from this case,” Lonita Baker, the family lawyer said.

Baker’s co-counsel to the family, Sam Aguiar said on Facebook they have hoped to “have an application filed for appointment of a new prosecutor within the next few days.”

There is one easy way to ensure that he is off the case … vote him out in November!