Brandon Roy Is Likely To Re-Retire

Brandon Roy's knees have essentially been a ticking time bomb since he entered the NBA. Though they weren't much of an issue during his first few seasons in Portland, his knees rapidly deteriorated and the Trailblazers were forced to amnesty his contract as he decided to retire. 

Roy then took a year off, rested and rehabilitated before giving it another shot with Minnesota. Unfortunately, his knees appear to be past the point of a return, as Roy only appeared in five games for the T'Wolves. At a recent alumni game at the University of Washington, Roy hinted that his career was likely over for real this time. 

It's a sad reality for one of the most talented youngsters the NBA had in the league, his potential untapped. We mostly saw glimpes of what could have been, none greater than his incredible comeback against the Dallas Mavs in the 2011 NBA Playoffs.

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