Brandon Meriweather Is Going Off The Rails

The Washington Redskins have been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. RGIII's knee and the offensiveness of the Redskins name dominated the headlines over the first half of the season and on the defensive end, Brandon Meriweather's headhunting has become an issue.

After Meriweather's two-game suspension was reduced to one, the expectation was that the message had been delivered. Think again. While speaking with the media on Monday, Meriweather explained how he was going to alter his strategy. After threatening to end careers, he then got personal with Brandon Marshall.

Meriweather was already fined for concussing running back Eddie Lacy in Week 2 and then knocked himself out leading with his helmet on James Starks.

Meriweather's so reckless, he's even injured teammates out during their pregame warm-ups.

While he was a Bear, former Chicago receiver Tom Waddle called out Meriweather's lack of concern for the safety of his fellow players and his frightening helmet-to-helmet hit on Todd Heap  in 2010 as the impetus towards harsher penalties for helmet-to-helmet hits on defenseless receivers. Meriweather is turning himself into an NFL pariah and he only has himself to blame. The worst part of Meriweather's attitude is that he has no shame over starting in the Redskins bottom-feeding secondary.

This isn't over yet.