Bone Crusher, Tamala Jones, And DomiNque Perry Talk TV One’s ‘Deadly Dispatch’

TV One network wraps up its month-long showing of Love, Lies, and Murder movies with a film full of twist, turns, and whodunits entitled ‘Deadly Dispatch’.

The films stars actresses Tamala Jones (Blue Streak & Booty Call), DomiNque Perry (Insecure)and rapper Bone Crusher. ‘Deadly Dispatch’ chronicles the tragic murder of a well-liked and struggling business owner Shawn, played by Bone Crusher. Tiffany (Jones) is a local salon owner and Shawn’s longtime, high-school best friend who becomes involved in the confusing circumstances surrounding her friend’s death.

Unsatisfied with the police’s reasoning being that Shawn’s death was “robbery gone wrong”, Tiffany becomes suspicious of her friend’s grieving widow Amber, played by Perry. Tiffany seeks out the truth putting not only her strained marriage in danger but her own life as well.

We caught up with the stars to talk about the film and what viewers can expect from TV One’s final installment of its Love, Lies, and Murder movies.

Bone Crusher expressed his attachment to the film.

“This is the first actual nonfictional movie that I’ve ever been in. And for it to be so climatic and to have actually happened—all four of the movies that we did—but this one is a bit more personal for me and it for it to be a true story, it kind of touched me in a way that has impacted my life as far as the actual connection I have with [Shawn].”

Stating “because I’ve been in situations like that, not as climatic as Shawn had to be in because of his life, but definitely to a point where it could’ve gotten there had I stayed in those relationships. I was very fortunate to get out of those narcissistic situations. So, this movie means more to me than anyone could ever know.”

This thriller is sure to keep its audience at the edge of their seat.

“I think what makes it stand out is the love and the intent of friendship. I think that people can suspect a lot of drama. I feel like it was a few comedic scenes in there. I think it can be a lot of suspense,” said Perry. “You’ll be on the edge of your seat because you’re not going to expect anything and how basically love conquers all. I feel like that’s what people are going to grab from it and the mystery of it. And you’re not going to know it’s going to be a lot of twists and turns and who’s who and things like that. So, it’s going to be definitely a roller coaster”.

All three stars are currently working on projects slated to be available near the holidays including Bone Crusher who recently recorded a new theme song for the Atlanta Falcons and also has an album entitled “Bone Crusher: Lyrical Giant” set to release this September.

Check out a sneak peek below.

The film is written by Sadé Sellers and directed by Morenike Joela, with casting provided by Leah Daniels Butler and George Pierre as casting director.

‘Deadly Dispatch’ premieres on TV One this Sunday, July 28 at 8 P.M. followed by an encore presentation at 10 P.M.

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