Black Women Are Dutifully Mounting Dissent To Troubling Kasandra Perkins Coverage/Characterizations

Over at What About Our Daughters, writing under the BlogMother pseudonym, an impassioned defense of Perkins and censure of the Jovan Belcher coverage. Here's a particularly compelling excerpt:

Folks couldn’t even wait for the body of Kasandra Perkins to be lowered into the ground before they started blaming her for her own death. I don’t know if horror is the right word to describe the coverage of Kasandra Perkins death by mainstream media, Black blogs and Black Twitter. Almost immediately the discussion on Black blogs turned to what Miss Perkins must have done to cause her own death.

Meanwhile, mainstream media is conspiring to make sure that Jovan Belcher isn’t held responsible for Miss Perkins’ murder. They are working overtime to attempt to make her murder about traumatic brain injuries instead of the controlling bullying and entitlement bred by sexism and misogyny. The focus in mainstream publications is NFL concussions and the headlines on the Black blogs will be child support and Trey Songz concerts instead of maternal homicide and intimate partner violence.

In other words-> Let’s Blame Concussions and a Dead Woman because we don’t want to acknowledge sexism and misogyny and we certainly don’t want to hold a young Black male millionaire responsible for his own actions. Lucky for you, you don’t have to rely on or accept the mainstream media narrative.

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