Black Panther Will Be First Film Released In Saudi Arabia In 35 years

The impact of the Black Panther film, the top-grossing superhero film of all time with its all black cast, continues to be felt around the globe and its focus on people of color has resonated with folks from all over the world.

The movie has generated a boost in black pride as African clothing retailers are experiencing a tremendous boost in sales of Dashikis and other native apparel because of the Black Panther cultural phenomenon

The hit film is still the talk from Hollywood to most any hood in America and will be the first film released in Saudi Arabia in 35 years. It will be released by Disney and its distribution partner in the Middle East, Italia Film. 

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This new trailer for #BlackPanther is the shot of espresso you need to start your morning.

This is a monumental step for Saudi Arabia and the far-reaching impact The Black Panther movie which promotes success in people of color rather than the destruction or exploitation of foreigners, comes at perfect time and fits in with the the progressive tone that Saudi Arabia is taking under the leadership of Crown Prince and Deputy Prime Minister of the country, Mohammed bin Salam, who was recently highlighted on 60 Minutes during the Stormy Daniels episode. 

Young Prince Shakes Up Ultra-Conservative Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s powerful deputy crown prince is furiously promoting a plan to wean the country off fossil fuel while getting more people to work. The prince put out a plan in April called Saudi Vision 2030. He wants the world’s biggest oil producer to become a “global investment powerhouse.”

Movie theaters were banned in the early 1980s, once the country adopted ultra-conservative standards in 1979. AMC wants to open 40 cinemas in Saudi Arabia in 5 years and 100 by 2030. 

According to Variety, a gala will be held for the screening, taking place in “a new theatre with more than 600 leather seats located in the King Abdullah Financial District in a building originally intended to be a symphony concert hall, with orchestra and balcony levels and marble bathrooms.” 

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