Black Family Set To Regain Control of Beachfront Property Stolen By Racists

Nearly a century ago Charles and Willa Bruce were the owners of some of the most prestigious and luxurious beachfront property in North America.

Sit and think about that. In the 1920s, these two Black entrepreneurs owned Manhattan Beach. But unfortunately, as with so many things that people of color have invented or owned, it was taken from them by systemic and institutional racism, as well as harassment from white supremacist(s) groups like the Ku Klux Klan, who led the way in forcing the Bruce family away from their property.

More disgusting truth uncovered in our country’s history.

In typical United States of America fashion, the government didn’t help the Bruce family regain their land, but instead the county took ownership over the very valuable real estate.

The Bruce’s California and American dream was stolen from them and now LA County is looking to make amends nearly a century later.

The Bruce family is closing in on a deal to regain control of the property that Charles and Willa once called home. Los Angeles County officials are closing in on a deal to return the storied Manhattan Beachfront property to its rightful and legal owners. Originally purchased for $1,225.00, the historic beachfront area is worth approximately $75 million.

“Generations of their descendants …. almost certainly would have been millionaires if they had been able to keep their property and successful businesses.”




Governor Gavin Newsom is expected to sign this bill into law with little to no opposition from state lawmakers. But he is expecting pushback from those in the neighborhood which is less than 1%, Black.

One resident even said the following, “I’ve been blessed to live in this beautiful spot for over 50 years, and I’ve never been discriminated against by this community, but it hurts me that people are trying to spoil what we have and have also built here.”


Unfortunately, the privileged residents will have to understand that karma is a mother and what’s right is right. They have been given tremendous advantages because their ancestors raped, pillaged, and plundered Black excellence.

Regardless of the pushback from neighbors and detractors, members of the Bruce family have remained undeterred, and unrelenting in their pursuit to regain what’s rightfully theirs.

For Charles and Willa’s children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces, great-grandchildren, reclaiming this property is part of their journey.

After being railroaded out of town, the family lived in Los Angeles destitute, and so, therefore, “these people who did this to our family need to rectify this blatant wrongdoing, by any means necessary, including apologize,” said the family.

It’s only right. Imagine how many other Black folks this happened to over the years.

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