Bing Bong! New York Knicks Don’t Know How To Treat The Rapper Who Gave The City Its Latest Catchphrase, He Says

There has been a term ubiquitous throughout the five boroughs of New York City and beyond since last year, and it has even become part of the New York Knicks games: bing bong!

These simple two words are more of a sound that is inspired by the New York City Transit subway chime that alerts passengers to “stand clear of the closing doors please.” However, that phrase was ushered in by Coney Island rapper Gorilla Nems, who was one of the numerous authentically New York personalities delivered to social media through the @sidetalknyc Instagram handle.

Nems lit the world of social media on fire with his ghetto reporter interviews with drug addicts, just-off-work blue-collar citizens, and the random but uniquely interesting Coney Island gentry. The “bing bong” slogan that he and others in the videos said in pivotal moments of deadpan comedy stuck, and even the New York Knicks felt it would add to the authenticity of Madison Square Garden.

He even delivered a Bing Bong New York Knicks remix song, which he describes as a “rallying cry.”

James Dolan’s Knicks Strike Again

However, under the James Dolan regime, the New York Knicks have been known to be not so hospitable to its local heroes, and Nems said on a podcast that he has been treated the same.

“Knicks ain’t never give me not one ticket bro,” Nems said on the Bootleg Kev podcast. “F**k the New York Knicks. Yo, I gave them a remix, I gave them a whole f***ing rallying cry, bro. They did not do the right thing at all. They didn’t even offer.

“They reached out for me to do their celebrity game. I did it, and they was like, ‘Yo, whatever game you want just let us know. I just said, like towards the end of last season, I was like let me redeem these tickets. I don’t care what’s the game, just don’t disrespect me and give me some bulls*t seats, I need courtside or I’m not going.”

Nems described how even while not honoring his floor seat request, he was asked to do content for the team at which point he gave them the ultimatum no seats, no content.

“Every time a Knick hits a f***ing three ‘Bing Bong.’ Well, they never got back. Well, they tried to hit me with the bulls**t seats. So they had me try to do some content for them — yo, give me these f***ing seats or I aint doing s**t. They’ve been disrespecting me for mad seasons. I was a lifelong Knicks fan, but not no more when I see how they do business; that s**t is disgusting.”

Nems might not have heard about Knicks owner James Dolan ejecting and banning New York Knicks legend Charles Oakley or allegedly placing facial recognition in the Garden so he can spot his legal enemies. Either way, the Knicks have just lost another one as the Dolan administration continues to draw the enmity of the New York Knicks faithful.

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