Billy Donovan Offers Scholarship To One-Armed Basketball Star

If you ever catch Zach Hodskins on a court, you might notice something interesting about the high school basketball star from Alpharetta, Georgia. He's 6-3, lanky and was born without the bottom half of his left arm. However, despite his disability Hodskins has persevered to become a talented enough scorer from deep that his aspirations of becoming a D-I basketball player don't seem all that asinine. According to Yahoo Sports, the University of Alabama-Birmingham and Birmingham Southern are considering offering him scholarships, but the University of Florida was the first school to offer him a preferred walk-on spot.

Most impressively, despite his obvious handicap, in the highlight clip above, Hodskins shows some serious handle putting defenders on ice and stroking it from deep off the dribble. He might be missing a lower forearm, but you can't deny his footwork is superb and he's got the basketball on a string.