Big Sean Talks About His Studio Session With Eminem That Lasted Over 12 Hours

    Big Sean has been in full album-promo mode this August ahead of the release of his second album, Hall of Fame, on the 27th. The Detroit-bred spitter has been playing the album for other artists, and the reception has been good so far, and he even had a 12-plus-hour hangout with Eminem in the studio.

    From the Rolling Stone:

    "That was probably one of the best days of my life," he says of meeting Eminem. "Not only because I met Em' and we talked and exchanged stories, but because not only was I playing him my music but he was just so enthusiastic about it and loved it. He was rapping my lines back to me." Sean was hoping Eminem would hop on his album, but the rapper was too busy working on his next solo effort. Says Sean: "I'm sure you guys will get a Big Sean-Eminem collaboration sooner or later."