Big Ben’s Relationship With Todd Haley Is No Longer On Life Support

The Steelers’ sputtering pass offense last year, which was ranked 31st in the league, had much to do with the team’s frustrating 8-8 record last year. At that time, Ben Roethlisberger spent more time butting heads with the team’s new offensive coordinator, Todd Haley, than he spent completing passes. If Big Ben and the Steelers’ offense are going to have more success this year, him and Haley have to squash their beef. Apparently, the two are off to a good start.

From CBS Sports:

“A few weeks back, a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers organization was walking through the dorms here at St. Vincent College when he noticed a sight that was unfathomable a year ago. Ben Roethlisberger, the franchise quarterback, had strolled over to the room of offensive coordinator Todd Haley, plopped down next to the coach and was drinking a cold one with him, shooting the bull and watching ‘Shark Week.’”