Beyonce’s Secret Album Set To Debut at No.1

    Since surprising the world and dropping a new self-titled set via iTunes Friday, Beyonce's covert operation is a certified hit, selling over 450,000 copies within a day of its release. At press time, over 600,000 in the US alone were sold. And the number surpassed 800,000 globally. But it doesn't stop there. Beyonce attracted 1.2 million Twitter mentions within 12 hours of word spreading about her feat. Do the math: That's 5300 tweets per minute at the peak of excitement. 

    The album is currently poised to debut at number one on the Billboard charts next week. The self-titled offering was in such high demand this weekend that iTunes' servers were reportedly straining to keep up with buyers willing to spend $15.99, as the album sold 80,000 copies in three hours. Having released the project with an explicit and family version, both editions of Beyoncé are currently ranked No. 1 and No. 2 on the iTunes album charts. Touring the land on her Mrs. Carter world tour, Beyonce reminds subjects to bow down. All hail the undisputed Queen of Pop.