Beyonce Just Went To Another Level

    We all know Beyoncé is a star. She’s arguably the biggest star of this era, able to influence millions with the drop of a hat or a sway of her hips. But now, she’s really on some next level ish. According to the Associated Press, she has been confirmed to perform at this year’s Super Bowl halftime show.

    For a recording artist, this is the biggest honor you can reach, and it’s only built for true mega-watt individuals. So Taylor Swift, and any of these other cornball celebrities you see on magazine covers, please step off the curb and walk in the street. You are not worthy.

    When Beyoncé steps on stage on Feb. 3, her impact will be two-fold. One, it will finally give audiences what they’ve asked for repeatedly, and that’s a contemporary artist. No shots at Madonna, The Rolling Stones or anybody that’s performed in recent years, but it’s 2012, fam. These people haven’t put out relevant music in eons and yet every year they’re propped up like they’re officially official.  Secondly, the Super Bowl needs more diversity. Beyoncé will be the first black woman to perform at the halftime show since Janet Jackson’s Nipplegate moment from ’04. There’s no excuse for eight years to have passed before another black woman got a chance. The NFL typically bows to its corporate check-writers in picking the performer (otherwise how can you explain The Who and Tom Petty getting over like this?), so it’s good that they’ve picked someone who actually warrants the selection.

    As for Bey, with this on her resume, she’s almost getting to the point of being unstoppable. She’s one more classic album from legitimately barging into the GOAT argument. Detractors aside, her catalogue is powerful. One last thing: I’m assuming we’re gonna get a Jay-Z sighting on stage, too. He has his detractors as well, but, man, that’s a dude having one helluva year.