Beverly Hills Cop IV Gets Director

    For some, memories of Eddie Murphy's Beverly Hills Cop film franchise are reminders of a time when the actor was easily the funniest comedian in the country.  Aside from The Nutty Professor and its sequels, Eddie's recent works have fallen far short of his prior lofty status. Sometimes, the best way to get over a hump is to take things back to the basics and that might be the thinking behind the much talked about Beverly Hills Cop IV

    The film will be directed by Brett Ratner, reports Deadline. Ratner, who directed all three Rush Hour films, last worked with Murphy on Tower Heist.  Both were scheduled to work together before, with Murphy serving as host of the Oscars. However, Murphy stepped down after Ratner removed himself from directing the show over internal beef from comments made during an interview. There have been past attempts at bringing back Beverly Hills Cop. Most notably was an attempt at a television show that was never picked up.