“Avengers: Infinity War” Is All About The Billions At The Box Office

Last weekend Marvel Studios dropped the highly anticipated “Avengers: Infinity War” and audiences ran to theaters across the globe to see the team take on Thanos and his quest for universal domination. This resulted in box office records, a trend which continued this past weekend.

Marvel’s latest has generated $1.164 Billion worldwide in its short opening, giving the studio hopes that it could become the first film to hit the $2 billion mark. On Saturday it became the fastest film to hit the billion dollar mark, needing only eleven days to do so. Domestically the film grossed $112.5 million, trailing only “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” ($149.1 million) for second week gross numbers. Overseas the film raked in another $162.6 million, which gives the movie an overseas total of $713.2 million, which includes an opening weekend in Russia of $17.6 million. This overseas total will get a nice bump when the film opens in China on Friday.

“It’s all about timing for these box-office behemoths.” said Exhibitor Relation’s analyst Jeff Bock. “Avengers: Infinity War is in a nifty spot right now, as it will certainly remain potent until after Memorial Day. That kind of long run is the only way it could eclipse Jurassic World as the top-grossing summer movie of all-time.

“Currently, Infinity War is outpacing Jurassic World by nearly $50 million unadjusted for inflation  which means if it has a great hold next weekend, we could be looking at upwards of $700 million domestically, and maybe even $725 million,” Bock continues. “The domination of Disney is unparalleled in modern-day blockbuster cinema. If Walt [Disney] were alive today, he’d probably be holding hands with Stan Lee, instead of Mickey Mouse.”

With these types of numbers, the $2 billion goal could become as much of a reality as Thanos getting his hands on the final infinity stone, which means that Jurassic World’s position as top-grossing summer title of all time ($1.672 billion) is in trouble.  

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