Are You Gonna Buy MJ’s Old Hanes, Too, Fam?

Hold onto your Jumpmans people, this is about the get gross. An expired bottle of 20-year-old McJordan BBQ sauce, meant to top the rare McJordan sandwich from McDonald’s, has sold on eBay for $9,995. The McJordan was sold in the early 1990s in a few Midwest markets and was the first sandwich to be named after a person. Not only did this report make me toss my cookies, it made me think about just how much is wrong with this story.


What twisted individual keeps sauce for 20 years?

This man sounds like a classic case that belongs on that show Hoarders. You know, the one with the lady who lives with 42 cats and sleeps on a bed of rat feces and newspapers. Check this guy’s house and I’m sure you will find Fluffy suffocating under a pile of ketchup packets.

Do you find it weird that this sauce has not gone bad after 20 years?

This reminds me of that scene in Super Size Me where the McDonald’s fries sit out for months and never get moldy. What kind of preservatives and bad juju is in that bottle of sauce for it to not go bad after 20 years? This is not a good look for Mickey D’s

Why would someone buy this?

The man who dropped one red cent on this slop is just as crazy or even crazier than the hoarder man who kept the sauce in his home all these years. In these trying times, folks are struggling to get fresh food in their cabinets and he wants to buy 20-year-old nasty juice. Nah, son. I’m good.  You can miss me with that.

Will he eat the sauce?

If so, God help us all.


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