Are We About To See A G-Unit Reunion?

G-Unit was slightly ahead of it's time. Hip hop is returning to a place of collaboration — exemplified by the Odd Future, Pro Era, Slaughterhouse and GOOD Music albums and tapes. Unfortunately, the Unit didn't quite make it to the full transition, basically ending their run in 2005 when The Game left amid well-documented controversy. This has left 50 Cent rather parched (Why else do you think he got in on Vitamin Water?) and trying to get a collab album going.

But maybe 50 should go back to where he started. On MTV, Tony Yayo reminisced about the good old days of G-Unit, before all the money came and tore the group apart. The Game has recently started an online petition calling for a G-Unit reunion.

Could it happen? Would it be dope? Or are people moving past the glory days?

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