Aquille Carr Stamps His Passport, Decides To Kick It Overseas

Two years ago, Aquille Carr turned down an offer to play professionally in Italy for $750,000 after averaging more than 40 points a game during an international tournament. With his senior season behind him, Carr who has been nicknamed 'Crimestopper' because of his ability to lower Baltimore's soaring crime rate with his captivating ballhandling and gravity-defying levitation, has finally decided to take his talents overseas. Carr committed to Seton Hall during his junior year and was the most exciting prospect to play for Seton Hall since Eddie Griffin's one-and-done campaign during the 2000-01 season. Interestingly enough, Carr 's Twitter announcement specifically alluded to the bread he could make overseas.

Carr is one of the most intriguing prospects in years. At 5-6, Carr is more electrifying than a toaster in the hot tub and quicker than a Money Mayweather's footwork. He's also a prolific dunker. However, because of his diminutive size and score-first mentality, he's not a lightly-regarded NBA prospect. At 19, Carr is slightly older than the average high school senior.

Seton Hall has struggled to reclaim its past glory. Carr's commitment is just another another hit to Kevin Willard and the Pirates' desperate attempt to rediscover national relevancy. The Pirates only other recruit in the class of 2013, Jerron Wilbut was also arrested a few days ago in his home state of Illinois. Good luck to Carr. Back to the drawing board for Seton Hall.

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