Antonio Brown Says “Tell Jerry Jones To Call Me,” But Will The Cowboys Roll The Dice?

Is anyone up for an Antonio Brown comeback? Well, he wants back into the NFL, and he knows where he wants to make that comeback, although if this were to materialize into anything realistic it would be on a one-way course to a fiery crash-and-burn for AB and this team.

Antonio Brown wants to be a Dallas Cowboy for plenty of reasons. They are currently having massive problems at the wide receiver position, and with less than a month left before the regular season begins, they need all the help they can get at wideout.

At the beginning of this eventful offseason, the Cowboys started it by trading Pro Bowl wide receiver Amari Cooper to the Cleveland Browns for a fifth-round pick. Michael Gallup, whom they re-signed in the offseason, is still rehabbing from an ACL injury he suffered last season.

Their latest addition at wide receiver in free agency, James Washington, also suffered a fractured foot during training camp. All these injuries leave the Cowboys with just Ceedee Lamb, and while that’s not a bad thing by a long shot, Dak Prescott can’t just throw to Lamb by himself.

Brown’s solution to the Cowboys receiver problem was to send a message to the Cowboys boss. “Tell Jerry Jones to call me,” he said to TMZ. 

The seven-time Pro Bowl pick has guts and very low self-awareness as well. To demand that Jerry “Dallas” Jones reach out to him instead of the other way around is insane. Brown should at least have his agent reach out to him — oh, wait, his former agent terminated that relationship back in 2020.

Brown doesn’t realize that he is a detriment to a team more than a help to them. His actions in Pittsburgh, Las Vegas, New England, and Tampa have shown the league that he is a liability to a team. When you become more of a liability than an asset in the NFL, teams will not care how talented you are; they will conclude that you’re not worth the risk.

Furthermore, being a Cowboy isn’t a walk in the park either. You’re constantly criticized, heavily scrutinized, and Jerry Jones will have a player like AB under a microscope. AB playing for “America’s Team” is like Kevin Durant playing in New York, and we see how long that lasted before the forward was ready to get out of Brooklyn.

Regardless of all those previous reasons why Brown going to Dallas is nearly impossible, this man has already stated that he doesn’t plan to play football again. He told the media not to hold their breath to expect a comeback from him. Now for him to turn back around and hope one of the most controversial and prestigious names in football to “give me a call” and get him in the blue and silver is outrageous. This would have worked three to five years ago, but now AB has zero leverage in the NFL.

The “Pit Not The Palace” rapper is more focused on his music career and his famous AB dance, which has been going viral all over social media. Being the head of Donda Sports with Kanye West and having a lot of musical work in motion isn’t showing the work of an ex-NFL player trying to grind his way back into the league as humbly as possible.

But, for what it’s worth, telling Jerry Jones to give him a call could’ve just been a practical joke by Antonio Brown. He currently isn’t focused on making a football comeback as he is on dropping a hit, working on his next album, or rocking a show. Even though Brown is an outlandish character, fans couldn’t put it past him that this was just a playful joke to a reporter and he may not have any real intentions of playing for Dallas.

This is Antonio Brown, an entire quandary to himself.

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