“America Has Only One National Anthem”: Rep. Lauren Boebert Criticizes NFL For Having Black National Anthem Performance At Super Bowl

Rep. Lauren Boebert took shots at the NFL for hosting a pregame performance of the Black National Anthem ahead of Chris Stapleton’s rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the Super Bowl last weekend. The Colorado congresswoman took to her Twitter account to let out her frustrations.

What’s Lauren Boebert’s Issue With Black National Anthem?

“America only has ONE NATIONAL ANTHEM. Why is the NFL trying to divide us by playing multiple!? Do football, not wokeness,” tweeted Boebert.


Emmy award winning actress Sheryl Lee Ralph was chosen to perform the song, and it was the first time ever that it was performed live on-field during the 57-year history of the Super Bowl. It was the perfect way to celebrate Black History Month with two black starting quarterbacks facing off for the first time ever in the Super Bowl, a Black artist performing at halftime, and the singing of the Black National Anthem live on-field for the first time ever at the Super Bowl.

History of “Lift Every Voice and Sing”

James Weldon Johnson, an NAACP leader, wrote “Lift Every Voice and Sing” as a poem in 1900. It has been used as a rallying cry and a song to unify Black people during the civil rights movement. The lyrics represent unity, strength, and faith in God after the abolition of slavery.


Reactions To Boebert

Boebert wasn’t the only one Republican congresswoman against the singing of “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” Marjorie Taylor Greene also took to Twitter to voice her frustrations.

“Chris Stapleton just sang the most beautiful national anthem at the Super Bowl. But we could have gone without the rest of the wokeness,” Greene wrote.

Both women have been known for their far right remarks regarding the LGBTQ+ community, Democrats, and other bigotry. Boebert also is one of the more prominent supporters of the false conspiracy theory that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from former President Donald Trump.

Greene voted along with Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz to reject the 2022 proposal to make “Lift Every Voice and Sing” the national hymn, parallel to the national anthem.

Despite Greene and Boebert’s efforts to ruin the moment, there were plenty of supporters cheering for Ralph’s performance.

Ralph took to her Twitter to thank the NFL and thank the people that supported her while she performed.

“I feel so good,” she said. “Thank you everyone for understanding. Some never will, but some will always understand. God bless us all in unity.”

Ralph also spoke at a press conference earlier during Super Bowl week and stated that the move represents the NFL decision to make all people inclusive.



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