All Those Politicians “Refusing Paychecks” During Shutdown Will Get Paid Anyway

    Though the government is shutdown, the employees regarded as "essential," mainly the lawmakers, still get paid, while the "nonessential" employees are sent home. Cancer patients won't receive treatment, national parks are closed, and neither the Air Force, Navy nor Army can play football, among many other financial shortcomings during the shutdown.

    As a result, many Congresspeople announced they will refuse their paychecks until the government is working again, following the usual path of politicians who seek praise and approval for doing what they're supposed to be doing anyway. 

    But of course, there's a catch: Congresspeople can't just refuse their checks. 

    "The U.S. Constitution requires that members' salaries be paid in full, regardless of whether or not there is a lapse in appropriations," said Dan Weiser, a spokesman for the House chief administrative officer. "However, members may request that the chief administrative officer not deliver their paychecks until the government reopens."

    Yes, more empty gestures from the do-nothingest Congress of all time, but what did we really expect?

    Fortunately, there are some with a sense of decency, like, and I can't believe I'm about to type this, Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina, who's donating his salary to the Wounded Warrior project. There are several also donating their salary to charity, and you can check out which Congresspeople are actually worth praising (kinda) here