“Africans Are Not Guinea Pigs!” African Senator Says No COVID-19 Tests

A Kenyan Senator and the Leader of Ford Kenya party has urged all African leaders to reject COVID-19 vaccine testing in Africa.

Senator Moses Wetang’ula is urging not only Kenyanas but all Africans to “resist” the proposal by European Nations and scientists

Moses Wentang’ula took to Twitter urging all African leaders to object any attempt to use Africans as ‘Guinea pigs’

The objection by the Wetangula has surfaced early hours after footage emerged on social media showing French doctors proposing that the COVID-19 be tested in Africa.

The French doctors alleged that their reason for the proposal was the fact that Africa is incapable of battling COVID-19. However, the data says a different tale.


Worldwide, the number of positive cases of coronavirus has passed 1 million and there have been more than 60,000 deaths.

Africa has confirmed only 212 deaths with less than 1000 positive cases.

Out of the confirmed cases, the United States has the highest number of positive cases of coronavirus currently at 277, 467. The U.S. is also third on the list with the highest number of deaths at 7,402.

Wetang’ula suggested that the COVID-19 vaccines trials should be done in China, Spain, UK, France, and the United States.

What Wetang’ula understands is that history is cyclical. From King Leopold II of Belgium who pillaged the Congo to every other European forced colonization of the continent, Africa is not here for it.

Wetang’ula has got time today.

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