Adidas Rises To No. 2 Selling Sneaker On The Market

 Adidas havent been popping in the hood since Run DMC was still rocking the microphone 30 years ago, but even at its pinnacle the German based athletic footwear company could never keep up with the popularity of Nike or Michael Jordans signature shoe. Since then, Michael Jordan has gracefully segued into a world-class businessman, and the Jordan Brand had been the second highest selling brand in the nation.  

But its not like Adidas was busy painting stripes on shelltoes to pass the time.  Multiple marketing attempts have been made over the years to close the gap. And, according to the NPD Group which tracks sneaker sales, Adidas sales jumped by more than 50 percent in August 2017 relative to the same month last year, boosting their overall market 13 percent, due to their tireless efforts. 

Nike, which owns the Jordan Brand, still is the top dog in the sneaker game and reports brand numbers separately. 

Hollywood Joe on Twitter

Wow adidas is making a big push but don’t count out Nike and the Jordan Brand!

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