Accuser Says Jackson Mahomes Offered To Help Her Restaurant Business During Alleged Sexual Assault

Jackson Mahomes, brother of Kansas City Chiefs’ superstar QB Patrick Mahomes, appeared in court on Tuesday for a bond hearing in connection to his arrest for aggravated sexual battery earlier this month.

Court documents reveal that the younger Mahomes, a social media influencer, told the alleged victim “what he could do for her business.”

According to a released court affidavit, police were originally called to an Overland Park, Kansas, restaurant in late February after a man told them Jackson Mahomes allegedly shoved his son who works at Aspens Restaurant. The allegations became more serious when local police interviewed the restaurant’s owner, Aspen Vaughn, that same evening.

What Went Down?

The affidavit states, Mahomes told Vaughn he wanted to speak with her and the two went into an office. After Mahomes closed the door to the office, he allegedly grabbed her by the throat, pushed her head back, and kissed her three times, and put his tongue in her mouth per the court document.

The affidavit also states the restaurant’s owner did not consent to any of the contact from Mahomes. Vaughn allegedly pushed Mahomes off her at one point during the incident. She told investigators Mahomes told her not to tell anyone what happened between them.

When Jackson left the office, Vaughn showed two of her employees — whom she claimed did not hear her when she called out for help — her neck, which had fresh signs of injury, according to the affidavit.

Mahomes later returned to the restaurant, where he allegedly attempted to talk about “what he could do for her business,” and wouldn’t leave again until he gave Vaughn a hug. Vaughn’s boyfriend then allegedly kicked Mahomes and his friends out of the restaurant, with Mahomes angrily leaving. According to the court document, it was not the first time Mahomes had been kicked out of Aspens Restaurant.

What Else Does The Affidavit State?

Additionally the affidavit states, the waiter, who chose not to be identified, spoke with police on the night of the incident and said he had gone to the office on the lower level of the restaurant to retrieve his water bottle.

The waiter entered the code to the office and did not fully walk through the door when Mahomes allegedly pushed his chest and told him not to come in. According to the affidavit, the waiter then told Jackson he was an employee and needed his water bottle.

That’s when Mahomes allegedly pushed the waiter a second time and told him to get out.

None of this looks good for Jackson Mahomes but his lawyer Brandan Davies maintains his client’s innocence.

“Our investigation has revealed substantial evidence refuting the claims of Jackson’s accuser including the statements of several witnesses,” Davies said at the time the charges became known. “We have reached out to law enforcement to provide the fruit of our investigation so that they may have a complete picture of the matter.”

Mahomes’ sister-in-law and wife to his older brother Patrick, Brittany Mahomes (née Matthews), posted cryptic messages on social media earlier in the week before taking them down.

“As you get older you start to understand the difference between friends and associates, family and blood, business and work, love and lust, want and need. And most of all what’s important and what’s not,” one quote from Matthews’ post read.

The video evidence shows what it does and the affidavit says what it says. It will be interesting to see what evidence Davies has that supports his client’s innocence.

Jackson Mahomes is due back in court in August.

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