Abuela’s Blessings Help Mexico Past Germany In World Cup Shocker

They say the power of prayer can accomplish incredible feats. The spirit of belief is a vital aspect of prayer that sometimes produces immediate and stunning results. 

Mexicos 1-0 win over defending champion Germany was an unexpected, colossal upset that changed the narrative of the World Cup and made Twitter go crazy when video surfaced of someones abuelita blessing each player on the big screen from her home during introductions with a plate of food in her hand. 

paola on Twitter

I’m 100% convinced my grandma was the reason Mexico won https://t.co/9jBRF5wFPE

When Mexico actually won the match, the video of grandma blessing the squad went viral and the Twittersphere exploded with feedback. People were especially taken by the fact that she blessed Mexico’s goalie multiple times and he produced a legendary performance. 

Jason Collins on Twitter

I knew that goalie played really well for a reason…. She triple blessed him! . Oh and you best believe my favorite part is how she had a plate of food in her hand while she was doing it. #multitasking #blessed #ElTri https://t.co/tLbep5gpVC

Michael Wittman on Twitter

If your grandma didn’t do this to you every time you left the house are you even Mexican? https://t.co/XzTAm1s8w6

Mexico’s performance inspired people from all over the world and rocked the country with a seismic load of jubilation. Droves of Mexican fans gathered in Tijuana on Sunday to celebrate their countrys historical win. 

According to the New York Times, late Sunday morning, seismic sensors in Mexico City detected what was reported to be a small earthquake. But it was triggered in an artificial manner, according to the group monitoring the gauges.

Possibly because of mass jumping, said the group, the Institute of Geologic and Atmospheric Investigations in Mexico, which said that at least two of its sensors picked up the activity.

The cause of that mass jumping? Moments before, the Mexican mens national soccer team had scored a goal against  powerhouse Germany in their group-stage match in Moscow. Mexico’s best progression in World Cups has been reaching the quarterfinals in both the 1970 and 1986, both of which were held in Mexico. With this upset, the stakes have just gone up for Mexico and grandmas blessings are in high demand.

Armin on Twitter

If I send you one of my pics you think you can convince her to do this before every major event of my life? https://t.co/QWFgyHCGrM

Hulk on Twitter

Please make sure she does this every game, thanks https://t.co/pNQ68x3qlE

Abuelitas pregame blessings ritual is already an international phenomenon and well be hearing more about this holy woman as Team Mexico advances. 

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