Aaron Hernandez’s Tattoos Go Under The Microscope

Aaron Hernandez has been linked to the bloods gang by the tabloid circuit, but the concern over the former Patriots tight end and his possible gang affiliation has the attention of jail officials in Bristol County, where he's being held on a murder charge. 

The Boston Herald reported that jail officials are looking into gang affiliation on behalf of Hernandez's safety, to be sure they don't place him with rival gang members.

This doesn't do much good for his defense once this goes to trial, because by then any indications of gang-related activity will have been scrutinized. 

Not only is Hernandez charged with murder, but he's being labeled as a serial thug in the public before a jury can ever hear the entire case. It looks gloomy right now. The same way they're using the tats to "protect" him today could contribute to his downfall down the road. 

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