‘A Quiet Place’ Cast On Stepping Their Game Up In The Horror Genre

There once was a time when I believed it was impossible to make an original horror movie with fully fleshed characters dealing with truly terrifying situations.  But, after screening “A Quiet Place”, that has changed. Starring real-life husband and wife, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, “A Quiet Place” is a story of survival about a small, rural family in upstate New York dealing with the after-effects of an apocalyptic event that has caused society to collapse. In this sparsely populated landscape, the survivors must be steadfast to one rule, be quiet.

The Shadow League was in attendance at a press conference featuring the films principal cast and crew to discuss this film. John Krasinski, best known for The Office, also directed the film. He told reporters that he almost passed on the project.

This is exactly what I didnt want to do, said Krasinski. I am not good with horror movies. Im a scaredy cat. I cant do horror movies. He said Well, its a really cool idea. Its a family that cant talk and we have to figure out why. And I thought Damn you! Thats a really good one-liner. Then I read their script and I was immediately blown away. I had my second, well Emily had our second child, two weeks before reading the script. I was legitimately in that world of terror, thinking every single minute of every day about my daughter and keeping her safe and alive. Then the script came and its about exactly the same thing. That immediately connected to me to this whole thing and I figure that I wanted to do it.

A Quiet Place (2018) – Official Trailer – Paramount Pictures

Those who have survived live by one rule: never make a sound. Watch the new trailer for #AQuietPlace, starring Emily Blunt and John Krasinski. In theatres April 6.

Emily Blunt on what moved her about the project.

It was so intimate, it was very close to home. Normally I enjoy playing a role that is somewhat dissimilar to me, but this is a role that I understood profoundly and so immediately. I really admired her, the character, and it was also intimidating to take it on because really what she experienced, on a much more magnified level, are my deepest fears as a mother, as everyone who has children could attest to. The fear of not being able to protect your children from a rather brutal environment is really something that keeps me up at night. I would not do well in A Quiet Place, personally.”

15-year-old Millicent Simmonds stars as Regan, the deaf daughter of the Abbots whose perceived weakness is the familys saving grace and also holds the key to total victory for mankind. She was amazing! Speaking in sign language via an interpreter, heres what the burgeoning young star had to say.

When I first read the script I thought Wow, theres no movie like this. Then I saw that Emily Blunt and John Krasinski were in the film. Ive seen their work and was so excited to be able to work with them. So, I said yes right away. My Mom pressured me, too. She said You have to do it for me, too.

Emily on working with her husband.

“It was a bit daunting to take it on because weve never worked together before. People would jokingly tell us that we would be divorced by the end of the movie. We really creatively aligned ourselves in this. It was special. Id do it again.”

A Quiet Place | extended Super Bowl trailer (2018)

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Krasinski on working with his wife, Emily:

“Ive always had Emily in mind for the movie, but I wanted her to arrive at that herself. Ive seen first-hand the incredible specificity, the incredible taste, and dedication level, and I have not known anyone in this industry to as smart as her. So I knew that it would just feel very weird. The two ways I saw this going; I ask her to do this movie and she says no, that would have been a very awkward dinner. She would have said yes Ill do it for you, that would have broken my heart. I didnt want it to be for me, I wanted her to do it for her. When she read the script and said You cant let anyone else play this role I truly felt like she was proposing to me. I was like Are you saying what I think youre saying? and she said yes. It was really nice that we let each other arrive at this alone and separately. Because it made our experience together so much more powerful.”

Krasinski on doing a film in which silence was essential.

“Theres so much silence in movies like No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood all these things that can really handle quiet. It was really amazing to see how those incredible directors dealt with all that. For me I thought that if I could make the audience fall in love with this family, all the tension will feel scary and all of the scares will feel scarier. I felt like if I came at it like a horror movie and how I can scare you I would have missed the mark. That was not how I was going to do the best job that I could.”

“A Quiet Place” is currently in theaters. Its a very smart, endearing and terrifying horror movie. Everyone else has to step their game up now.

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