A Notorious B.I.G. Sneaker From Brand Jordan? Maybe Says Diddy

Diddy is a master of style and flavor, and for over two decades he’s been imprinting his vision on urban culture across the globe.

But today we learned that we might be seeing something new from Diddy- A Notorious B.I.G. sneaker. We knew Biggie loved his style and fashion but was he also a sneaker head? According to Diddy in an interview with Sole Collector, he loved sneakers but favored two particular things over Air Force 1s.

“Big liked his kicks but he loved his weed and women more.”

Funny, yes. Surprising, no. 

Diddy also disclosed that he has been approached by brands such as Gucci and Brand Jordan about designing a custom sneaker for B.I.G. but that nothing has been agreed to yet. 

“I got some first renderings and I was like ‘Biggie wouldn’t wear this’ and you know he’d be yelling at me from the heavens above like ‘why you got me with some whack kicks on?'”

If they want to rock with Bad Boy, they’re going to need to come strong with it because you know how Diddy and the crew does.

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