“People Think I’m Getting X Amount In Child Support And I Don’t Have To Work …” | Brittany Renner Sets The Record Straight On P.J. Washington’s Child Support

Internet celebrity Brittany Renner is talking about how much money she receives from Charlotte Hornets’ forward P.J. Washington in child support for their one-year-old son. It’s not the $200K per month rumor that is floating around and is actually $2,500 per month, according to Renner.

“You can’t rely on your child’s father to provide for you,” Renner said on the “Tonight’s Conversation” podcast. “I never been about money. I provide for my child. I get $2,500 a month.”


It’s crazy what people assume is realistic because an individual is a celebrity or an athlete. Washington is on a four-year, $12 million dollar rookie deal with the Hornets. The team exercised its option and Washington will make $5.8 million this season.

Assume 50 percent of that money is eliminated in taxes, agent fees, legal fees, etc. That leaves $2.9 million in salary. He has to live somewhere, and we have no idea who is on his payroll. Are there friends and family members he takes care of?

Either way that’s $241,666 dollars a month remaining, without knowing who else gets paid. There is no way Renner would receive $200K of that money.

People love to assume that anytime an athlete splits from his child’s mother, she is living on easy street collecting a fat check. That’s almost never the case.

“A lot of people think I’m getting X amount in child support and I don’t have to work and I don’t have to do all this stuff. But it’s like, I very much provide for my child. I’m here right now, my mom is watching my son and I’m here, like, doing the damn thing. I’m doing my best,” Renner said.
“A lot of people judge that, but it’s like, when you have to — you can’t rely on your child’s father to provide for you, so you have to make a way, you know? So, it’s like, I’ve never been about money, it’s never been about that, but it’s like, especially me not getting $200,000. People always say that.”

When Renner and Washington broke up after the birth of their son, people on the internet accused the internet celebrity of grooming Washington (she’s seven years older) for the explicit purpose of trapping him and going after his NBA contract.

If that was her plan, Washington was a poor mark. A four-year, $12 million dollar rookie contract is hardly the way to secure your financial future. But you know how people on the internet do. Once the comments started flying, words like golddigger and the hashtag #FreePJ caught on like wildfire.

In addition, Washington has moved on and is getting married, so it’s highly unlikely that Washington was in favor of Renner having a baby.

Renner even took to Instagram to congratulate Washington and his new boo. What does she care as long as the checks keep coming.?

“Soooooo…..this happened this morning 😍,” Chanel, 25, wrote in her caption. “Issa fiancée 💍 WOW babe you did that 🐐 I LOVE YOU 💙.”

Renner wrote in the comments, “Congrats y’all!!!”

Renner seems content in her situation and is looking to do best by her son. She also understands the game and can’t help it if she’s winning.

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Washington is eligible for a rookie contract extension and his play this coming season will go a long way in determining what that potential new contract looks like.

Last season was his best in terms of impact. He finished the season at +0.4 in estimated plus minus (EPM), a net positive on both offensive and defensive EPM. Washington had 4.1 estimated wins and had career high efficiency numbers, 58 eFG% and 59 TS%.

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