A Family’s Worst Nightmare | NBA Legend Vince Carter’s Family Survived Armed Home Invasion By Hiding In The Closet

Even after retirement, some people still can’t live a peaceful life without the threat of taking an L. This was the case for former NBA All-Star Vince Carter, whose home was broken into in a robbery. His wife and kids were home at the time as well, and they ended up hiding in a closet waiting for the intruders to leave.

On June 19, Fathers Day, former All-star and iconic dunker Vince Carter’s Atlanta home was broken into by criminals who were looking to steal from his house. While Carter himself wasn’t home at the time, his wife and two kids were. His wife, Sondi, heard noise coming from downstairs, and immediately got herself and her children inside a closet to hide.


While in the closet Sondi called 911 and called for help, and then texted an off-duty officer who was in the area. Upon that off-duty officer’s arrival, the robbers were scared away. 

The off-duty officer said she saw the assailants flee Carter’s home, and, according to multiple sources, she even described what they had on, and what type of vehicle they left in. 

The suspects allegedly rummaged throughout the home and fled as the off-duty officer arrived. The officer said she saw an unidentified Black male wearing all black clothing and a mask running on foot, then jump into a black SUV before losing sight of them,” Yahoo! Sports reports. 

When more units arrived at the house afterward, they found multiple $100 bills outside the front of the house, and it amounted to $16,100 in cash. Along with that lump sum of cash they found a Golden Desert Eagle inside of a gun case, and a black Glock 26 with an extended magazine as well. The Golden Desert Eagle was found to be Carter’s firearm, while the Glock 26 is suspected to be the intruder’s weapon. 

In a phone call with the police, Carter explained what the cash was about. He told the police that it was a portion of money that in total was over $100,000 stored in a brown paper bag stashed in the primary bedroom closet. 

While Sondi and their children were reportedly upstairs lying in a bed together, the robber had broken into their home by way of a first-floor window. While breaking in, they must’ve made a considerable amount of noise for Sondi to have heard the commotion all the way upstairs.

When the intruders fled, they also left a fingerprint on a side door that they escaped through. 

Carter’s home was strapped with surveillance cameras, and they turned those over to the police, though none of the cameras were facing the street the intruders used to exit the premises. 

A frightening situation for the Carter family indeed, knowing that someone had not only broken into their home, but also was carrying a lethal weapon with an extended magazine.

Could have ended very differently.

With Carter not being present at the time of the robbery, it also brings into question what the robber was doing with Carter’s personally owned firearm when trying to leave their house. Fortunately though, none of Carter’s family was hurt. 

Vince Carter, who retired from the NBA in 2020 after 22 seasons, is now an ESPN basketball analyst who will probably invest some of his estimated $60 million net worth into more security and technology for him and his family following this home invasion.


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