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The O.G. Blade, Wesley Snipes Breaks His Silence On “Blade” Reboot

On Sunday, Marvel blew up the universe with the bombs they dropped at the San Diego Comic-Con. Announcing their most diverse lineup to date, including...

Happy Birthday To Wesley Snipes, The Personification Of Dark Skin Cool


Wesley Snipes continues to personify black cool on the movie screen. 

He was the first dark-skinned man to become a leading man in Hollywood since the heyday of Sidney Poitier. Indeed, on July 31, 1962, a superstar was born in Orlando Fl

Blade 20: The Fight Scenes That Proved Snipes Was Ahead Of His Time


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the most expansive, connected phenomenon in American movie history, with billions in gate receipts to attest to its overwhelming s

Alonzo Adams Is A Well-Collected, Highly Respected, Leading Artist Of Black Expression

Alonzo Adams’ artistic prowess has taken him on a global journey. He's impacted the world through his masterful gift of creativity, which has also...

White Men Can’t Jump Turns 29: White Dunks That’d Make Billy Hoyle Proud

Who can forget when cement-legged Billy Hoyle finished off the playground comp in true hustlers fashion, by defying the odds and slamming down an...

Stop Hating On Coming 2 America

Disclaimer: If you aren’t someone that hated on the sequel, this isn’t for you, but keep reading for thrills, chills and laugh-out-loud spills. Double Disclaimer:...

“Coming 2 America” Casting Shows Eddie Murphy’s Continued Commitment To Black Hollywood

Eddie Murphy has been in the game for more than four decades. From bursting on to the scene on "Saturday Night Live" in 1980 and...

Happy 44th Earth Day Chadwick Boseman, A Selfless Movie Star Gone Too Soon

In my lifetime I’ve been blessed to see many a great African American male actor perform some of the greatest roles in the history...

Classic Colored Cinema: Spike Lee’s Mo’ Better Blues


I hate to be the one to say it, but it feels like only ’80s babies and older truly appreciate what Spike Lee brought to the game; and I’m not talking about the game of basketball (’90s Knicks fans hate him for that; just

Will Smith As Nicky Barnes Highlights Revival Of Black Crime Films

Despite the rising diversity in African-American filmmaking, Black gangsta movies, documentaries and cable series based on the lives of several early ‘80s-2000's drug kingpins...