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John Wall’s Washington Wizards Are Back In The Winner’s Circle


After a 7-13 start, the Wizards are sporting a 28-20 record Washington and have catapulted to fourth place in the Eastern Conference standings. Washington has gone 21-7 with a 15-game home win streak since John Wall dropped 52 points in a 124-116 l

The Washington Wizards Are Conjuring up a Playoff Berth


Can we give a shout out to the Washington Wizards? Can we take time out of our busy schedules to give up the props like Prodigy, Evil Dee and Buckshot? The putrid brand of basketball that fans of this

Washington Looks To Throw Big Bank At Toronto’s Masai Ujiri

Toronto's President of Basketball Operations could get paid in DC. The Raptors won it all last night in Oakland, and one of the biggest reasons...

Washington Capitals’ Black Owners: Cup Win Expands Minority Reach


The following story was previously published by colorofhockey.com on September 23rd.


Sheila Johnson didnt know much abo

Washington Redskins Cheerleader Scandal Reveals Exploitative Culture


The culture of cheerleading and what the job entailed past twirling pom poms, executing funky dance moves and hyping NFL fans on Sundays, is one that most people didnt know anything about until the past few seasons when reports of cheerleaders char

The Wizards Give John Wall $207 Million Reasons To Stay Put In DC


It seemed that all of the money, and all of the best players, were heading west this NBA off-season, with ballers become multi, multi millionaires over the last two months. Then today all hell broke loose in Cleveland when word spread that the

Washington Players Can Go From Cowards to Champs 


It took a college football team to show us how things can get done when you unite for greater good.

Yes, the Missouri football team.

Fed up with the calls for justice on campus by their black brothers and sisters under racial

The Wizards Celebrated Black History Month. Why Y’all Mad?


File under: much ado about nothing. Or perhaps: who gives a damn? Maybe: get over it.

I cant be the only one bothered by the manufactured controversy over the Washington Wizards Black History Month Inspire campaign. In ca

The Great Wall Of Washington


Name the NBA’s top current point guards.

Chris Paul? Indeed, he’s the indisputable Numero Uno.

Tony Parker? Yessir.

Russell Westbrook? No question.

Steph Curry? You better believe it.

And when we

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