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Trump Trashes Video Games And Amazon Yet Then He Joins Twitch

President Donald Trump has joined the popular streaming service, Twitch, and it's a move that comes with a lot of mixed feelings. As part of...

Rockstar Video Games Are Helping Rappers Go Viral

Lil Nas X can attest to this, it's jumpstarted his career. Rockstar video games make the most successful viral content for rappers. Lil Nas...

Bridging The Gap: How Video Games Solidified My Relationship With My Step-Father

A passion for gaming helped the bond between a young black girl and her step-dad grow. Video games helped me build a closer relationship with...

Get Off The Sticks: The Top 7 Most Competitive Video Games Of All-Time


When did I realize video games were the equal opportunity platform for rabid competitiveness?

The year was 1983, and I was beaming with pride as my mother walked through the door with a trophy for playing video games. The words, written in gl

Xbox One Is Releasing Battlefield 4 And 22 Other Video Games


There isn't an exact date set for the release of Microsoft's Xbox One console, but it was announced on Tuesday tha

GameStop Shifts Focus From Video Game Sales To Esports

It only makes sense that the video game retailer jumps head first into a billion dollar industry. GameStop announced a business shift following the announcement...

First Time Ever The Asian Games Will Give Out Medals For Video Gaming


Asia's biggest sporting event, the Asian Games, will include video game competitions alongside swimming and track-and-field for the first time.

According to

VIDEO: Jay Corbin Ain’t About That X Games Life


One man...On a snowboard...By himself...Builds speed...Hits bump..,Not a game!

DJ Sensei.  Meet mountain.

Jay, although heavily bruised, is currently recovering and we wish him a speedy recovery. Looking forward to ha

MLB Playoffs Check-In: Are These Baseball Games Or Luke Videos?


The first few games of the MLB Division Series has the evenly matched squads executing the

Ja Morant Likely To Miss Game 4 Of The ‘Code’ Series Against The Warriors...

Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant was injured during Game 3 of their best-of-seven playoff series against the Golden State Warriors on Saturday. His status...