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Spurs Legend Tony Parker Signs With Hornets


Tony Parker will be playing out his final two years of his career as a member of the Charlotte Hornets. 

Spurs Fans Are Asking: What the (Expletive) Is Wrong with Tony Parker?


We dont mean to start off a story with an expletive, but it has to be said- what the (expletive) is wrong with PG Tony Parker? The San Antonio Spurs arent looking like their regular selves this year, and while part of that is the

Tony Parker is Not Merely One of the Top Point Guards in Today’s NBA


Before the playoffs started, if asked to name the top five current point guards in the NBA, most would have probably mentioned  some combination of Chris Paul, Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook, Damian Lillard, John Wall, Kyrie Irving and Mike

Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Crew, Contrary to Popular Opinion, Are The Most Exciting...


We place too much value on style over substance in basketball these days. For years, the same gibberish has been ricocheting around the NBA landscape, an often-repeated refrain that says, “The San Anton

Reports That Tony Parker Will Say Au Revoir To NBA After 2016 Olympics Are Not...


About an hour ago, I came across an interesting blurb from Tony Parker telling NBA Greece that he planned to retire after the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. A few sites ran with it, and it was discussed on ESPN's First Take. Unfort

Please Have Several Seats: Tony Parker


Isiah Lord Thomas III was the author of the first truly great performance I can personally remember. I can recall great moments before June 19, 1988…moments. I watched

2013 NBA Draft Preview: Myck Kabongo’s The Next Tony Parker


Once Jay-Z sells his shares in the Brooklyn Nets, Myck Kabongo may want to hire him as an agent. In high school, Kabongo (aka Yung Swag) described himself as a cross between J. Cole and Drake. On the hardwood, Kabongo’s quicksilver

Evidently, Tony Parker And The Spurs Don’t Do Jugulars


The sense of urgency entering Thursday’s NBA Finals game was all on LBJ and Miami.  The Spurs, who had defied the odds so brilliantly and reduced King James to commoner status, could begin to nail down Miami’s coffin with a big hom

While You Were Working: Tony Parker Got An MRI


Tony Parker's MRI showed a slight strain in his hamstring. Parker says he hopes to play in Ga

Good Morning: Tony Parker’s Dagger Is Still Ridiculous


Whatever analysis you read about last night's game, it will most certainly come back to Tony Parker's ridiculous floater that barely escaped his fingertips in time to deliver a dagger to the Miami Heat in Game 1.