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Celebrating 20 Years Of The Sopranos

With dark humor and a mafia story that's centered in the suburbs, The Sopranos was unlike anything ever experienced in an episodic television format. 20...

Game of Thrones’ Premiere was HBO’s Most Watched Show Since Sopranos


Game of Thrones broke records Sunday night with 6.6 million viewers tuned in for the return of the Lannisters vs The World. This makes the great GOT season four premiere the most watched HBO show since The Sopranos s

James Gandolfini Changed Television Forever


I was slow to catch on to The Sopranos. Didn’t watch the first two seasons at all, and then only a couple of time during the third season did I really sit down and try to digest it. I started catching up though, and once I did, I was hooked.&

NFL And New York Giants Legend Lawrence Taylor Arrested And Charged With Sex Offender...

The downward spiral of one of the greatest football players in history continues. Hall of Famer and New York Giants legend Lawrence Taylor was...

50 Cent Speaks on Mainstream’s Biased Cultural Scrutiny

People get caught up on defining what is and is not culture, and what should be excluded as unacceptable within one’s culture. However, that’s when...

Cam Newton Refuses To Quit | Patriots Make Decision For Him

Today the inevitable happened. The New England Patriots released veteran Cam Newton and offically ushered in the Mac Jones era, naming the quarterback the...

The Future of Women’s Sports Within The Legalized World Of Sports Gambling

Before 2018, what came to mind when you thought about sports betting? A dark hazy room smelling of cigars and musk cologne. Stacks of cash...

Effects of Coronavirus Push MLB Opening Day Ratings Through The Roof

They say if you starve a person who loathes apple sauce, after two weeks of being famished that person will devour applesauce as if...

Lord Jamar Drops Knowledge Ahead Of TV One’s Unsung On Brand Nubian


During the golden age of Hip-Hop, Brand Nubian was the rare breed of deft lyrical emcees who could offer 5-percenter knowledge to the masses, awe audiences with witty wordplay and use samples and melodies that had women on the dance floor.

Game of Thrones Phone Scam Nets $134,000/week


Scammers ruin the lives of their victims by taking hard earned cash. But the resolve and creativity of some criminals makes us wonder why they can't find a legal route to make profit.