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Turkish Government Targets Enes Kanter Again, Claims Ties To Terrorism

The Turkish government is now calling Kanter a terrorist. Enes Kanter has been through a lot, and we're not speaking about his basketball career. Since last...

Steve Kerr Speaks On The Act Of Domestic Terrorism In Las Vegas


We've all seen the horrific images from Las Vegas, thousands running for their lives as a terrorist fired an automatic weapon from across the street down at the country music loving crowd, killing almost 60 people and injuring hundreds more.

White Supremacy Is America’s True Terrorism Nightmare And Biggest Threat


The times are unfolding before our very eyes. America has long been the media capital of the world. Ever since the invention of Morse code by Samuel Morse in 1835, the ability to transmit ideas over great distances has shaped the nation. Today, the

HATE CRIME? Terrorism By Any Other Name Is Still Terrorism


(Opinion) The world wakes up once again to a terrorist assault on American soil. Indeed, the United States is on the edge of upheaval over this callous act.

But this is not terrorist act that would be acknowledged as

Russell Westbrook To Executive Produce History Channel Documentary On 1921 Tulsa Massacre

A Russell Westbrook-backed documentary about the 1921 race massacre in Tulsa will air on the History Channel.  READ MORE: Black Wall Street Burned Today In...

Is There A Better Way To Say “Told You So” Regarding White Nationalism?

The Nightmare So Far For the greater part of four years, a sitting President of the United States had emboldened and patronized a significant portion...

Colin Kaepernick & LEVEL Launch “Abolition For the People”

Kaepernick Publishing and LEVEL, a Medium publication, today launched “Abolition For the People: The Movement For A Future Without Policing & Prisons,” a project that “seeks...

Breonna Taylor And Emmett Till Are Not Collateral Damage

September 23rd will forever live in inglorious infamy. In 2020, it was the day that the world learned that a grand jury decided that no...

Big Papi Has Another Rough June

The month of June is a time when ex Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz needs to just stay in the house. In June...

Coach Pop Sounds Off On Congress Over Mass Shootings

The mass shootings we witnessed over the last two weeks has rocked the nation and brought the attention back on the folks in Congress...