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“It’s The Dumbest Comparison”| Joe Rogan Comes For Kaep’s NFL Combine And Slave Auction...

Former NFL quarterback turned activist Colin Kaepernick is still making waves for his brand of activism. Kaep's Netflix Series, "Colin in Black & White," re-enacts...

White Teacher Fired For Holding 5th Grade Mock Slave Auction

Imagine paying $14k a year to have your child placed in chains. Imagine working hard to take your black child out of under-performing public schools...

ESPN Drops Ball With Fantasy Football Skit Resembling Slave Auction


The NFL season is on our doorsteps and that means the lucrative and ever-growing fantasy football frenzy is also here. ESPN marked the occasion with a 28-hour Fantasy Football Marathon running from 7 p.m. ET on Monday night to 11 p.m. ET on Tuesday

Why The NFL Conjures Slavery| What Colin Kaepernick Said Isn’t New Or Inaccurate


The debate over the comparison between the NFL and chattel slavery has been chewed up, swallowed, regurgitated, spit out and reconstituted as a midnight snack many times over the past few decades. The controversy dates back to the 1975 ending of

Undefeated #1 Gonzaga vs. #5 Duke Tonight But The Real Battle Will Be Between...

It's going down tonight, Nov. 26, at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Undefeated and number-one ranked Gonzaga vs. also undefeated and number-five ranked...

Top 5 NFL Rookies Entering Thanksgiving Weekend 12 Action | Micah Parsons Is The Future

As we enter week 12 of the NFL season, these rookies haven’t been hit by the proverbial rookie wall. In fact they’re straight ballin.’ 1....

Marcus Dixon’s Story Of Redemption| Black, Falsely Accused, Incarcerated To NFL Coach

Growing up in Georgia, Marcus Dixon always aspired to play football. He was a three-sport high school athlete who also played basketball and ran...

Unforgettable Thanksgiving Day NFL Performances | GOATS Shine On Turkey Day

Here are some of the greatest Thanksgiving Day NFL games in recent memory. Without further ado, heeere we go! 1. Barry Sanders Obliterates Bears Defense...

Remembering The ‘Butt Fumble’ Nine Years Later | Thanksgiving Day Was The Beginning Of...

Mark Sanchez was the pride of Mexican-Americans when he became the starter at USC in 2008 and led the Mighty Trojans to a 12-1...

Atlanta Hawks Shine Bright Light On Institutionalized Racism Hiding in Basketball


(Opinion) After the increased atmosphere of racial discourse that has electrified the summer of 2014, one would hope beyond hope that the autumn winds bring some calm to the nation’s collect