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Jay Williams And Shane Battier Will Be Reunited Next Season On ESPN


Thirteen years after they won a national championship as Duke's star players, Shane Battier and Jay Williams will soon be reunited underneath the ESPN banner. Battier has been adamant about retiring following the 2014 NBA playoffs throughout th

VIDEO: Shane Battier’s Flopera


Recently, Shane Battier was asked the best way to combat flopping in the NBA. He was succinct in his answer.

"Money. Money is always the [thing]," Battier

While You Were Working: Roy Hibbert Set The Tone For Game 2


Roy Hibbert doesn't like the way Shane Battier played during Game 1, accusing hi

For ESPN analyst Jay Williams, The Last Dance Was Personal

This was a new normal: two friends — Raj and Wayne — sitting side by side, taking in a nice evening breeze, listening to...

The Black Sports Agent: Todd Ramasar


With the NFL Draft approaching on April 26th, and the NBA Draft soon to follow on June 21st, a select few elite college athletes will have their professional sports dreams come true. Most of them will be African-American, and some of them will

What You Need To Know About The Big Ragu, Nova’s Donte DiVincenzo


The mark of a great team is depth. Villanova definitely has plenty of it and flexed it heavily in winning the 2018 NCAA Mens Basketball Championship. It was a game in which the Wildcats' star player

C’Mon Son!!!: Gilbert Arenas


"C'Mon Son!!!" is a semi-regular column on The Shadow League where we lovingly tap some fool on the shoulder in order to help them through some personal growth. Today's moron is Gilbert Arenas, formerly known as Agen

March Madness, Social Media And Loyal Fans


With this year's NCAA Tournament off to a crazy start and brackets being busted VERY early (thanks Villanova, Iowa St. and Baylor), social media has been buzzing off the hook. Fans are cheering for their teams, spitting venom at busted brackets and

30 Years After Patrick Ewing, The New York Knicks Are Tanking Towards An ’85...



The 2014 NBA Finals Were Miami Heat’s Funeral Pyre


LeBron James lives in a fascinating world in which the failure to complete a rare three-peat is treated with the same mockery as a contestant on ABC’s Wipeout ripping a hole in their pants on their expedition through the comical