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FIFA President Plays No Games When It Comes To Racism In Soccer

Gianni Infantino has plans to deal with racists who mar the Beautiful Game. Soccer is the Beautiful Game, a game whose beauty is too often...

UEFA Finally Decides To Tackle Racism In Soccer


Numerous instances of blatant racist abuse, on the pitch and in the stands, have finally

Racism In Soccer Is An Ongoing Problem


Rio Ferdinand was left out of the England squad that travelled to Euro 2012 in Ukraine.

The 33-ye

Soccer Phenom Raheem Sterling Faces Media Racism In England


And as the world turns, so too does another instance of racism toward a black soccer player coming to light. 

Former English National team forward Ian Wright went into great detail about why he feels 23-year-old star Raheem Sterling is b

England Soccer Star Tells Family To Stay Home Due To World Cup Racism


Racism is so prevalent and unrelenting in international soccer that Englands black socce

It’s On White Soccer Fans To Purge Racism From The Beautiful Game


When Liverpool take on Real Madrid in this years UEFA Champions League final at the end of the month, many will be rooting for

Former Chelsea Youth Soccer Players Refute Coach’s Denial Of Racism


Chelsea is one of the most recognized names in team sports across the entire globe. It is also being revealed to have a very racist history as well. 

Grant Lunn and Gary Baker, both of whom played in Chelsea's youth league in the early '

FIFA Charges Russia With Fan Racism, Proving Soccer Can’t Kick Hate


It's soccer to some and ftbol to others, yet no matter how it's defined, it's a sport with some of the most rabid, passionate fans in the world.

But as the biggest global sport, soccer can't seem to successfully unite cultures, ethnicities or

Soccer Needs Its Own Colin Kaepernick To Combat Racism


Soccer is The Beautiful Game, one which connects fans of various cultures across a global landscape through the love and support for the traditional black and white checkered ball.

But while soccer brings excitement to millions of fans across

MLS Addresses The Dark Side Of Soccer’s Racism


10 years ago, I went on a mission trip to Mexico. As one of the youth leaders, I was responsible for the girls in the group. My goal was to be there for them and set the example.

One way I tried to do that was while visiting a juvenile deten