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See What Cardi B Had To Say About President Trump’s Airstrikes

Donald Trump’s decision to bomb Iran and kill general Qasem Soleimani has social media's emotional meter at 1000. Some are up in arms and...

Trump Has Become The President That Sports Has Decided To Hate

Donald Trump is not the first white man to occupy the White House who isn’t a fan favorite. But he is the first one that...

Trump To Award Tiger Woods With Presidential Medal Of Freedom

Hopefully the Presidential Medal doesn't come with a side of fries. Last Sunday golf legend, Tiger Woods made a crushing comeback by winning his fifth...

Donald Trump Asks The Chinese President To Help LiAngelo Ball


Donald Trump has reportedly asked China's president, Xi Jinping, to help settle the case of LiAngelo Ball and his UCLA  teammates who got caught up in an international shoplifting scandal.

According to a White House spokesman,

Gregg Popovich Is More Qualified To Be President Than Donald Trump


Leadership.  Some of us are born for it, others wilt under the pressure, while others still grow into leaders with age and experience.  In sports, leadership is a needed ingredient of utmost importance.  Leadership helps mesh a group

Mike Evans Protests President-Elect Trump


One could easily make the point that protest is the most American of all things. After all, it was protest that birthed the nation. Both the Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre are indicative of that fact.

Today, as half of the Ameri

Donald Trump is President, But Don’t Fear the Reaper


The death of the Republican Party has been greatly exaggerated.

Months ago, Rep. Keith Ellison, Democratic U.S. Representative for Minnesota's 5th congressional district, told George Stephanopoulos and NYT reporter Maggie Hab

“In This Insanely Politically Correct World We’re Living In, This Is One Place That...

The UFC is awash in racial discord, and one can look no further than the man at the top as to why it isn't...

‘Kyrie Just Sacrificed More Than Kaepernick Ever Did!’ | Donald Trump Jr. Adds His...

Some people love to add gasoline to an already smoldering dumpster fire. Enter Donald Trump, Jr. He has repeatedly shown support for the anti-vax movement, co-opting...

Triller Enlists Trump For MAGA Fight Feed

Former President Donald Trump has left the swamp for the red light district of sports. FITE TV announced that Trump and his son Don, Jr....