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THE LAST DANCE: Scottie Pippen’s Crappy Contract, Evolution of Player Empowerment

Player empowerment has become a new term that media members such as myself like to use to describe The LeBron James era of NBA...

Is Antonio Brown’s Tenure With The Raiders Player Empowerment Run Amuck ?  

Antonio Brown hasn’t played a down with the Raiders and already most people are considering the Pittsburgh Steelers to be the big winners of...

Michael Jordan Comes Through In The Clutch As NBA Players Vote To Finish Playoffs

Word out of Charlotte is that the great Michael Jordan himself continues to build on his legacy as an activist by interceding in the...

WNBA Players To Receive Full Pay For Shortened 2020 Season

While the NBA players continue to be split on whether or not they should play or sit out the season in order to focus...

Elite Players Who Will Grab The Spotlight Due To A LeBron-less NBA Playoffs

LeBron's first NBA playoff absence since 2005 opens the door for others to capture the media spotlight. It’s inconceivable to today’s millennials that a...

NBPA’s Michele Roberts Wants Players To Know That The Future Is Theirs

The rise of NBA player profits, empowerment, widespread entrepreneurship and the use of leverage in forcing trades and building Super Teams can be attributed...

Carmelo Anthony: Leader of The Conscious Player’s Movement


Can anyone say U.S. Senator Carmelo Anthony ?

If the NBA All-Star turned leader of the CPM (Conscious Player's Movement) continues his pledged focus on social interests with the same fervor that he has in the past year, then he migh

Steph Curry Keeps Tossing Daggers, Breaking Records & Crushing False Narratives

    Steph Curry deserves the MVP and all the love that the media and fair-weathered fans deprived him of, as he nursed an injury, dealt...

If James Harden Leaves, His Houston Legacy Is Forever Stained By A Terrible Game...

James Harden wants out of Houston and he’s going to eventually get his wish. I try to tell people that it’s a new day...

4th Title Aside, Being Great Everyday, Leading Fight For Social Justice Was LeBron’s Biggest...

LeBron James and the Lakers defeated the Miami Heat in Game 6 of the 2020 NBA Bubble Championship. It was the Lakers 17th title...