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3 Ways NFL Players Can Reenergize Their Protest Movement


The NFL regular season hasnt even started and already the President has lashed out against player protests and put puppet master

NFL Ruling On Anthem Protest Adds Fuel To The Fire


The line was drawn in the sand by the NFL as Roger Goodell announced the

A Proposed Team Anthem Choice Rule Would Shift Blame To NFL Owners


Standing for the national anthem has been a point of contention for the past two seasons since former 49ers qua

Is A New Batch of Social Justice Initiatives By NBA & NBPA Enough?

Following some passionate and even touchy discussions between the players, coaches, team governors and NBPA heads, Player's union Executive Director Michele Roberts and NBA...

Anthony Davis And The NBA’s Emerging Black Power Structure

The league's power brokers are lining up Anthony Davis and introducing folks to how business will be conducted by the NBA's new Black power...

NFL, NFLPA Issues Statement On Eric Reid

"No evidence of targeting or any other impropriety with respect to his selection for testing." Safety, Eric Reid has had an interesting season. After leaving the...

How Long Will Kaep’s Allies Be Without Jobs?


Owners continue to slide down the slope of indecency and attack African-American players who were either vocal or instrumental in the NFL anthem protests sparked by former San Francisco 49ers QB

Michael Bennett’s Social Activism Will Shine In Philly


During his five-year NFL stint in Seattle, defensive end Michael Bennett has been at the forefront of protesting, speaking up and acting against America's false promises to people of color and the blatant inequities that exist at every level of soc

Anquan Boldin Was A Credit To The NFL


One of the greatest receivers in NFL history retired this weekend with little fanfare. Anquan Boldin hung up his cleats after 14 glorious, golden years in the NFL, just weeks after signing with the Buffalo Bills. He still had a slight fire to play,