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The Philadelphia Eagles Won’t Win The NFC Title Without Carson Wentz


This 2018 NFL playoffs is almost like a cruel joke for the Philadelphia Eagles. If not for the tragic season-ending injury to league MVP Carson Wentz after leading Philly to an 11-2 record, Philly would be favorites to get back to their first Super

Phillip Rivers Races Father Time To The Finish Line 


Most high-profile NFL prognosticators and media mouths expected the San Diego Chargers to be last in the AFC West. But it wouldn't be Phillip Rivers' fault. 

Last season was Rivers worst NFL experience. The squad won just four games, the

James Brown Hosted His Record 10th Super Bowl Pregame Show

CBS’ James Brown knows what it’s like to host Super Bowl pregame shows when the temperament of the nation is delicate and the spirit...

R.I.P Phife Dawg from ATCQ: Memories From a Fan and a Friend


I was a young boy like 9 or 10 and a diehard Giants fan. Every time my mom sent me to the corner store to fetch a pair of Virginia Slims, Id have to pass Jarobis house and then your grandmas house. Id often see you walking the opposite way rocking

Post-Racial NFL: The ‘Black Quarterback’ Is Dead ?

 Lamar Jackson (starter), Patrick Mahomes, and Deshaun Watson were named to the AFC Pro Bowl team and Russell Wilson will be starting for the...

Fear Of A Black Quarterback: The Giants And Dwayne Haskins

If the Giants pass on Dwayne Haskins, the organization has some explaining to do. Maybe it’s all smoke and mirrors, but the recent reports that...

5 Offseason NFC Storylines To Watch


The NFC has a lot of moving pieces, impactful newjacks, dramatic storylines and high-priced superstars on the hotseat entering the 2018-19 season. The offseason rush on free agents, player retirements and returns and the ongoing anthem saga has set

The Giants Were Right To Bench Eli Manning ​


Eli Manning was going to have to hang em up eventually and we know the NFL is a business. After failing to make the playoffs in six of his final seven seasons and playing an amazing 210 consecutive games over a 14-year career that includes two Supe

According to Ray Lewis, He Was Colin Kaepernick’s Guardian Angel


Ray Lewis is in the news once again and, yes, hes got Colin Kaepernicks name all up in his mouth. While appearing on Inside the NFL, Lewis told his fellow hosts that he was fighting for Kaepernick to become a part of the Baltimore Ravens franchise.

Tony Romo Says Kaepernick Has Too Much Star Power For A Backup


Tony Romo was one of the charismatic faces of the NFL and a captivating star when he played quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys from 2006 until his retirement this offseason. With his playing days behind him, Romo has 123Page 1 of 3