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NFL Coach Pete Carroll Invited A Right-Wing Blowhard To Talk, But Why?


For some people of color living in America, it's very difficult to deal in the current dialectic as racists are given the same amount of airtime as those wishing to push the country forward.  This, they say, is all done in the name of Democrac

Pete Carroll Snatched Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory


Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll was one yard away from proving that he was every bit the equal of the best NFL coach of this generation, New Englands Bill Belichick. In the waning moments of a sc

Pete Carroll Makes, And Takes Blame For, The Worst Call Ever


The Patriots had just marched down the field on another late game heroic effort from Tom Brady, culminating in a touchdown pass to Julian Edelman with 2:02 remaining in Super Bowl XLIX. New England fans cheered as Brady had orchestra

Pete Carroll Basically Says Russell Wilson Is Leaving Dudes In His Dust


Pete Carroll is an emotive dude. Viewed within the context of pro football coaches – where stoicism (Bill Belicheck), cool (Mike Tomlin) and fire (Jim Harbaugh) rule – you could describe him as giddy. He’s like the Jimmy Fallon of

Pete Carroll’s Spicy Clapback Proves It Wasn’t All Good In Seattle


Apparently, things weren't all good in Seattle the last few years.

We read the foolish chatter surrounding the "Blackness" of Russell Wilson an

Pete Carroll’s College Ethos Took The NFL Establishment To School


Peyton Manning is probably envious of those images of fans scrunched together inside New Jersey train stations on their way to and from MetLife Stadium for Super Bowl 48. The security checkpoints created the most secure Super Bowl in history, but a

The NCAA And NFL Need Extradition Laws For Coaches Like Chip Kelly And Pete...


Chip Kelly’s football teams played fast on Saturdays and he coached them faster in practice. Unfortunately, Kelly also played it faster and looser with the rules while he was Oregon's head coach.

According to

The Legion of Boom Aren’t Thugs, They’re Thick As Thieves


The Seattle Seahawks are perceived to be a team defined by two things, its collegiate ooh-rah! atmosphere installed by the exuberant Pete Carroll and the elephant graveyard in its secondary.

Conversely, the Mannings are NFL Kennedy’s;

Best Secondary In The League? Seahawks


For ten years, Pete Carroll lorded over the Trojan dynasty amid endless scrutiny as the face of L.A.’s pseudo-pro football team.

In Seattle, the eccentric head coach has operated in relative obscurity and his defense is king.

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