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Penny Hardaway Hits The Ground Running In Memphis Recruiting Wars

Penny is making Memphis a viable destination for the city’s most talented prospects again. When Memphis hired Penny Hardaway to take over the hoops program...

Hiring Penny Hardaway Would Bring The Magic Back To Memphis Hoops


Tubby Smith is one of the best coaches in college basketball history. He won a national championship at Kentucky, has been to nine Sweet 16's and is one of only two men to take five separate schools to the NCAA Tournament. He's had 25 winning seaso

Penny Hardaway Says “Calm Down People” Kawhi Leonard Is A Superstar


Penny Hardaway was a superstar in the making. 

He and Shaq dominated on the court with the Orlando Magic until ego got in the way and pushed the two players apart, ultimately paving the path for Shaq to win multiple championships while P

James Wiseman’s Situation Is Benefitting Penny Hardaway

In the past few years, Penny Hardaway financially helped James Wiseman and his family move from Nashville to Memphis, won a state championships with...

Penny Is Still A Factor In The Sneaker Game


Penny Hardaway hasn’t played in five years. He’s been long removed from the current NBA zeitgeist professionally, and may be the biggest “coulda woulda shoulda” case since

Sneaker Closet: Nike Penny V (Dark Grey/Black-Rave/ Pink-Court Purple)


Nike Penny V (Dark Grey/Black-Rave Pink-Court Purple) $165

The Rebirth: NY Ballers Are Kings of March Madness Court 

New York City hoops have been a whisper in regards to the national landscape the past decade. The impact of city hoopers, who back...

1-Year Anniversary: RJ Hampton Flew To Freedom And To The Bag Down Under

So much has transpired since RJ Hampton opened up the flood gates and a trend of elite prep players foregoing college to get paid...

With Juwan Howard’s Return, The Fab Five Can Finally Heal

Howard’s hiring will bring the soul back to Michigan basketball. Michigan Basketball finally feels like Michigan Basketball again. And while we’re still six months away from...