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Black History Month In Focus: P. Diddy Is In A Class By Himself


This is part of The Shadow League's yearly Black History Month In Focus series celebrating Bla

P. Diddy Is Trying To Do What Reggie Fowler Couldn’t


P. Diddy has gone from Harlem backup dancer to one of the worlds iconic entertainment moguls by properly utilizing his timing, energies, ambition and refusing to take no for an answer. 

Over the past year, he has expres

P.Diddy Celebrates 51 Years Of Living In Turks & Caicos With His Celebrity Family

You've probably seen the pictures of P. Diddy's Birthday Bash in Turks & Caicos on social media by now. His family and many of...

P.Diddy Celebrates A Half Century Of Iconic Living

Music mogul, media maven, iconic brand builder, and all-around entertainment beast Sean "P.Diddy" Combs turns 50 today and he's still got that hustler's spirit,...

Diddy Defends Jay-Z’s NFL Partnership, While Supporting Kaepernick

The conversation over Jay-Z and the NFL’s controversial partnership continues to be the hot button topic of the month. We’ve heard opinions from both sides....

Diddy Donates $1 Million To Open A Charter School In The Bronx

Diddy still runs the city. Diddy announced via his Instagram page that he is helping to open a charter school in the Bronx with...

Diddy And Steph Curry Join Ownership Group To Buy Carolina Panthers


P. Diddy has a strange way of speaking things into existence. Three months after he made his desires to be invo



Earlier this week, I sat in a darkened movie theater in downtown Washington, DC, hungrily soaking up the vibrant energy of the hilariously playful, thought-provoking and outstanding Dramady (Drama/Comedy) Dope, a film which Sean Combs, a

The Beautiful, The Outrageous, The Outspoken Taraji P. Henson Sets ABFF Ablaze


Taraji P. Henson has carved her image into the African American viewing publics psyche for over 15 years.  For some it was her role in John Singletons Baby Boy, for others it was her role as Shug in Hustle & Flow